Automated toll gate

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Automated Toll Gate System Using RFID

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Electronic toll collection

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Automatic Toll Gate System Using Advanced RFID and GSM Technology

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Automated Toll Gates In Cameroon Soon

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Automated Toll gates are widely used in developed countries as well as in some African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Egypt. In Cameroon, the case has been sector has been rocked by financial scandal.

store the details of particular person and certain amount. The main objective of this smard card is to pay the toll gate tax using smart card. Smart card must be recharged with some amount and whenever a person wants to pay the toll gate tax, he needs to insert his smart card and deduct amount using keypad.

tollgate automation 1.

Automated Toll Gates

1 ABSTRACT Toll gate Automation and Vehicle Tracking is designed to automatically keep track of the vehicle’s movement, record the time and the details like Owner’s name, date of registration, vehicle model etc. The gate control system is connected to the PC through a USB cable.

The flow of the automated tollgate system; it reads the ID number of the RFID tag of the vehicle and detects if it’s registered, if not, registration is required. Jun 16,  · This proposed method allows the passengers to pay the toll at toll plaza by making them automated. Another purpose of the automatic toll gate system includes signal breaking avoidance, vehicle theft detection, and tracking over speed vehicle etc.

System Architecture. Automatic toll gate system uses RFID and GSM technology for the toll collection/5(K). By automated toll gates, i assume you mean the fully automated, Drive-through kind of toll lanes?

Yes, almost all National Highway toll plazas have atleast 1 fully automated toll lanes.

Automated toll gate
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