Everything is connected to everything else

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Barry Commoner

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Leonardo DaVinci: “Everything Connects to Everything Else”

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We are all connected to everything else and everything else is connected to us. Our past, present and future are all merged into one dot we call now.

We are limited by forces and we experience separateness so we can understand The Whole from every angle and go beyond together, as unity. @geoeverything [email protected] © Carl Lee | Everything is Connected to Everything Else.

Everything Is Connected to Everything Else

Imagine that you are a tiny island in the sea. Everything above the water is your body and conscious mind.

Everything is Connected With Everything Else

But the island also stretches out under the water, further and further under the surface into the depths of the powerful subconscious, until it levels off.

Then in every direction it rises again, towards other islands above the surface.

Barry Commoner

THE THIRD UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Everything is connected The third universal truth is that all things—seen and unseen—are connected. All things are different faces of Consciousness.

The Field, the Great Spirit, the Source, the Tao, the One: these are all names for the same thing. Exactly.

So, energy arrives from somewhere else, picks.

Leonardo DaVinci: “Everything Connects to Everything Else”

Barry Commoner (May 28, – September 30, ) was an American cellular biologist, college professor, and politician. Everything is connected to everything else. There is one ecosphere for all living organisms and what affects one, affects all. Everything must go somewhere.

There is no "waste" in nature and there is no "away" .

Everything is connected to everything else
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