Hmbs flamingo

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HMBS Flamingo Memorial 2017

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Nassau, Bahamas – Family members and friends of the four marines killed in action 37 years ago during the sinking of HMBS Flamingo along with survivors of the tragic incident will join the Officers and Marines of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force for a Memorial Service at HMBS Coral Harbour on.

Parliament Square is a recognizable site in the Bahamas. The square is bordered by distinctive pink-and-white buildings, housing the key branches of Bahamian government.

Admire the buildings’ Georgian neoclassical architecture and experience a cultural side of this beautiful island.

Royal Bahamas Defence Force

May 15,  · Cuba agreed to pay $10 million in reparations for the sinking of HMBS Flamingo and the murder of the four marines – Fenrick Sturrup, Austin Smith, David Tucker and Edward Williams.

HMBS Flamingo eventually sunk in waters 35 miles south of Ragged Island. Fifteen of the 19 crewmembers survived by escaping to Ragged Island aboard one of the captured crafts they arrested.

Missing in action and presumed dead were Able Seaman Fenrick Sturrup, and Marine Seaman Austin Smith, David Tucker and Edward Williams.

HMBS Flamingo was on a routine patrol in Bahamian territorial waters when it sighted two Cuban fishing boats.

The two boats fled on sighting the Flamingo, which gave chase, arresting them for. El Menosprecio al derecho Internacional 1. En mayo de patrullas marítimas de las Bahamas apresa a pescadores cubanos que estaban pescando en aguas territoriales, y la tiranía de Cuba envía un escuadrón de Mig de Holguin que sobrevuelan las islas en actitud amenazante.

Hmbs flamingo
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