How far did sergei witte achieve

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Sergei Witte

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(). The Memoirs of Count Witte (translator, Abraham Yarmolinsky). New York: Doubleday. Wcislo, Francis W. (). Tales of Imperial Russia: The Life and Times of Sergei Witte, New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN It’s not the narrative the article is selling, but reading between the lines it’s pretty clear that a big part of the Netherlands being the number 2 food seller by value is that it focuses on high value crops.

A collection of Russian Revolution quotations from leaders, politicians, commentators and historians. Note: this page is being compiled and expanded in February More quotations will be added in due course.

If you would like to suggest or submit a quotation for this page, please contact Alpha. the s, how did Sergei Witte seek to transform Russia? 5. Sergei Witte, tough Russian finance minister (), believed that industrial backwardness threatened Russia's greatness. How far do you agree that Sergei Witte’s policies were successful in modernising the Russian economy in the period of ?

At the end of the nineteenth century, Russia had been plunged into depression, because the government was forced to print more and more money which caused a rise in inflation.

Although Russia did finally build railroads, one of the problems with her lines was that they were of a different gauge from the rest of Europe.

What office did Sergei Witte hold that allowed him to encourage industrialization in Russia in the s?

How far did sergei witte achieve
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