How to underwrite a hotel loans

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Top 4 Hotel Financing Obstacles And How to Get Around Them - By Brian Holstein,

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Permanent Debt Bridge Financing. Construction Financing Discounted Pay Off (DPO) Financing Mezzanine Debt. Tax Credit Services of commercial real estate assets, and have developed and repositioned many commercial properties.

Square Mile Capital Management has made 18 value-add hotel loans over the past three years. It defines “value-add” as assets that have some in-place cash flow but where cash flow is expected to increase over a period of time.

Acquiring hotel loans can be as cyclical as the recurrent nature of a hotel itself. Real estate markets, the economy and tourism can affect the hotel industry and lenders are sensitive to many external but related factors when they issue credit for hotels.

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Today’s lenders are underwriting hotels to maximum LTV’s of 75% again with aggressive debt yields (varying by hotel type/market), but even still lenders are careful not to underwrite to the height but at a more reasonable, stabilized level.

How to underwrite a hotel loans
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