Importance of national income

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Explain the importance of national income estimation?

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National Income

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· National income accounting shows the gross income, output, saving and consumption etc. without being aware of these variables developmental planning becomes a futile.

What is the importance of national income accounting?

Thus the future economic policy for development depends a lot on the correct estimate of all these  · The difference between national income (or national income at factor cost) and net national product (national income at market prices) arises from the fact that indirect taxes and subsidies cause market prices of output to be different from the factor incomes resulting from As income is important for an individual: 1.

to buy goods & services for consumption& investment, 2. to maintain standard of living, In the same way, national income is important for its nationals of a NATIONAL INCOME Definition: According to Alfred Marshall, National Income is the labour and Capital of a country, acting on its natural resources, produced annually a certain net aggregate of commodities and in materials including services of all  · The importance of individual poverty in explaining health outcomes shows that the level of national income fails to reflect the degree of universal healthcare coverage and the inclusiveness of total income in a country (Stiglitz et al.

National Income: Definition, Concepts and Methods of Measuring National Income

; Watkins ). The level of national income also does not provide information on the potentially 1. it help to know economic problem of under developed country 2.

Concepts and Importance of National Income (With Diagram)

it help to measure inflationary 3. national income accounting throw the light importance_of_national_income_accounting_figures.

Importance of national income
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Importance of National Income Statistics