Single unionist candidate

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Northern Ireland Unionist Party

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Liberal Unionist Party

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Northern Ireland's Unionists are desperate to break their losing streak

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Although the most votes went to Unionist parties, John Hume's nationalist SDLP party secured the second highest vote for any candidate in the Northern Irish election.

Edinburgh South (UK Parliament constituency)

Dec 14,  · Because there have to be some lefties with a social life. South East Durham was a county constituency represented in the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United elected one Member of Parliament (MP) by the first past the post system of election.

The constituency was created by the Redistribution of Seats Actwhen the North Durham and South Durham county divisions were replaced by eight new single-member county constituencies. Nov 28,  · Thomas Caro is a Unionist politician who served as Prime Minister of the Commonwealth between andthe longest-serving British Prime Minister since the Victorian first came to prominence during as a member of the Taggart cabinet during the Second Great War, implementing conscription and later becoming a key figure in the Commonwealth's activities in.

Ulster Unionist Party

During the general election the Unionist candidate, an independent from Belfast, outpolled the Labour Party. During the war of independence two distinct, relatively ethnically homogenous, nations clashed against each other.

Single Transferable Vote or STV is a preferential and fairly proportional electoral system. It is mainly used in Ireland, primarily the Republic, but also for European elections in Northern Ireland.

STV is a constituency system but a multi member one (STV in single member constituencies is.

Single unionist candidate
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