Teachers allowed to carry guns

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Businesses That Prohibit Guns or Have No Gun Policies

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After another deadly school shooting, is it time for US teachers to carry guns?

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Should Teachers Be Allowed to Carry Guns?

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Feb 22,  · Most law enforcement experts argue that teachers should not carry guns. Civilians may be able to hit a bull’s-eye at the shooting range, but they lack the tactical knowledge of handling weapons that trained law enforcement personnel get. In the wake of a new law, some school districts have specifically allowed teachers to carry firearms.

Republican lawmakers make a lot of arguments when it comes to allowing guns in schools. Gun-free school zones are targets for criminals, they argue, and only an armed teacher would be able to. @Carson-Debbie’s entire argument is undermined by the fact that the Newport shooter used guns that were owned for the purpose of saving innocents lives / deterring violence.

Teachers should concealed carry if they’re willing, able and committed to learning appropriate gun safety tactics, but the issue’s background plays just as big of a role. JavaScript seems to be disabled in.

At least 30 Colorado school districts and charter schools allow teachers to carry guns, but no statewide training standards regulate them Liability insurer is only source of regulations governing.

Teachers allowed to carry guns
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